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Order Your BVD Tissue Sample Tags!

Call our Tag Hotline on 028 9261 0490

To order any of our range of BVD tags and for tag special offers please call our Dedicated Livestock Identification Team on 028 9261 0490 or contact your local store.

Fane Valley Stores in Augher, Ballycastle, Ballymena, Claudy, Lisbane, Markethill, Omagh, Portadown and Rathfriland have the facility to print tags while you wait!

Caisley BVD Tags

BVD Testing FAQ!

What is BVD?

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) is a highly contagious viral disease in cattle that can be transmitted as easily as the common cold. It can be spread directly by infected animals, or indirectly, for example by contaminated visitors or equipment. This is why good biosecurity is essential on farm. Legislation passed in December 2015 means that NI Herds have to test all newborn calves for BVD from the 1st March 2016. This includes dead, stillborn and bull calves for slaughter.

How are calves tested?

New born calves can be easily tested for BVD using a Tissue Sample Tag (TST) which removes a small sample of the animal’s ear tissue as part of the tagging process. Fane Valley can supply all 3 types of tags approved under the NI BVD Eradication Programme – Allflex, Caisley and TypiFix.

What happens when the sample is taken?

When a sample is taken it can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days prior to posting. It is good to get into a habit of posting samples off once per week. All Fane Valley orders for BVD tags are supplied with 1 bag and pre-addressed envelope per 5 tags ordered. When the samples are ready for posting place the sample tubes into the clear zip seal bags provided and then place the bag in the pre-addressed envelope.

Do you need postage on envelopes?

YES the envelopes will need postage, this at a minimum will be a Large Letter Stamp. If you are posting more than 10 sample tubes it is advised to check your postage with the Post Office. To guarantee your samples reach the lab please ensure correct postage is used.

How long before results are back?

Fane Valley use AFBI labs in Belfast for all their testing. This not only supports our local labs but also speeds up the time taken to get results back. Results are normally back to the herdkeeper within 3-5 working days.

How do you receive your results?

When ordering your tags you will be asked to supply a mobile phone number so your results can be texted back to you. Any positive or inconclusive results will be followed up with a letter explaining the next steps.

What to do if you are missing results?

Please phone AHWNI on 028 7963 9333

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