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Product Code: 30180023

Country High Iodine Cattle Bolus

20 Pack - 10 Doses

Product Description

The Country UF High Iodine Cattle Bolus 20 Pack is formulated to support nutritional balance for grazing or forage fed cattle. The High iodine Boluses by Country UF provides a sustained release of vital trace elements and vitamins you cattle needs from a unique, single point erosion technology bolus.

The pack provides approximately 180 days supplementation, helping farmers to balance trace elements and vitamins in their herd at different stages of production to help maximise profitability.

20 x 107 g Boluses

Suitable for:

All classes of cattle >150kg
Growing youngstock >150kg
8-10 weeks pre-calving cows
Dairy cows at drying off
Embryo transfer cattle (donor and recipient)

2 Bolus = 1 Dose

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