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  • Triclafas Fluke Drench 5%
Product Code: 3120013

Triclafas Fluke Drench 5%


From: £ 39 .00

Product Description

Triclafas Drench is a flukicide for the specific treatment and control of the liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) infections in sheep. When used at the recommended dose rate Triclafas Drench is effective against all stages of triclabendazole susceptible Fasciola hepatica from 2 day old early immature forms to adult fluke.

Triclafas Drench is given as an oral drench and is suitable for use through most types of automatic drenching guns.
Recommended dose rate: 10 mg triclabendazole per kilogram bodyweight i.e., 1ml Triclafas Drench per 5kg bodyweight. For each additional 5kg add 1ml to dose.

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