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Product Code: 3120075

Ketosaid 1L

From: £ 13 .50

Product Description

Ketosaid is a viscous red non-aqueous solution for oral administration containing:
Propylene Glycol 99.96% w/w
Carmoisine (E122) 0.04% w/w


Oral solution for use as an aid in the treatment of ketosis and acetonemia in cattle and sheep. As ketosis in sheep arises from prenatal metabolic stress treatment with Ketosaid may be continued until symptoms resolve or until parturition. During this time a general improvement in nutritional status is recommended.

Prior to administration, doses should be measured accurately by decanting Ketosaid from this container into a clean, dry, suitably sized vessel graduated in milliliters (e.g. measuring jug). For oral administration only.

Dosage & Administration:

Cattle: 200ml twice daily on the first day and 100ml twice daily for the next 3 days.

Sheep: 100ml per day for 4 days or if used prenatally can be given up to lambing or until symtoms resolve.

Withdrawal period for meat/milk: Nil.