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Product Code: 4110358

Draper Coping Saw Blade

From: £ 5 .14

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Product Description

This pack of Draper coping saw blades comes with 10 coping saw blades for use with Draper coping saws and other manufacturer's coping saws.

Replacing blades:

To fit blade, release the tension on the saw by turning the handle anticlockwise whilst holding the blade holder.

One end of the blade is fitted into the slot of the front holder, press the frame against a firm surface until you can fit the free end of the blade into the rear holder.

To ensure that the blade is straight, at whatever angle it is being used, it is necessary to have the blade holders in line.

Draper are popular brand of DIY products throughout Ireland, the UK and worldwide so you know you are only receiving the highest quality product from us.