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Product Code: 426200017

Maxol Agri Milking Machine Vacuum Pump Oil


From: £ 22 .05

Product Description

5 litre container of milking machine vacuum pump oil available from Maxol lubricants.

Maxol milking machine oil is a high quality vacuum pump oil specially developed for use in milking machines. This oil is formulated from specially selected highly refined mineral oils.

- High viscosity index provides excellent viscosity characteristics over a wide temperature range.

- Excellent oxidation resistance under extreme working conditions.

- Low pour points ensure fluidity at low temperature.

- Load carrying and wear resistant qualities protect pump and other moving parts.

- Protection against rust in systems.

- Excellent anti-foaming and release of entrained air.

- Compatibility with sealing materials used in hydraulic installations.

- Excellent hydrolytic stability and filterability.

Maxol are a market leading brand of oils and lubricants throughout Ireland and the UK so you can be certain you are only receiving the highest quality products.