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Product Code: 426200026

Maxol AdBlue 10L

Limited to 2 units every 1 weeks
From: £ 12 .49

Product Description

10 litre container of AdBlue available from Maxol.

AdBlue is a highly purified colourless liquid that is used with diesel engines using SCR technology. Many newer model Diesel cars will have this and It simply works by turning harmful exhaust pipe gasses into harmless nitrogen and water. AdBlue is stored in a separate AdBlue tank.

AdBlue is used to reduce harmful emissions. Due to stricter emissions legislation, diesel engines need to have cleaner exhaust gases and it benefits drivers with improved fuel economy, cutting the cost of fuel.

Maxol are a market leading brand of oils and lubricants throughout Ireland and the UK so you can be certain you are only receiving the highest quality products.