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Product Code: 4610379


Gro All Purpose Soluble 1Kg + 20% Extra Free

From: £ 5 .24

Product Description

Miracle-Gro plant food is a high quality, all purpose concentrated water soluble plant food which contains a unique combination of plant nutrients that promote fast, strong, beautiful growth. Works in minutes producing results fast. When feeding outdoor plants, apply Miracle-Gro solution over the plant in order to wet the foliage as well as the root area. This is the ideal solution for planting out bedding plants or other container plants. This helps prevent transplanting 'shock' and ensures a good start. Treat newly planted small small plants with just enough Miracle-Gro solution to soak their roots. Water plants between feedings if necessary. Continue to feed at regular intervals throughout the growing season. Mix in water , only apply diluted feed.