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Product Code: 3510415

McCulloch Lamb Resuscitator / Aspirator Pump Kit

From: £ 142 .38
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Product Description

The McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator/Aspirator is a simple to use, hand-held device to clear respiratory passages and pump air into a struggling newborn lamb, kid or fawn’s lungs.

Designed for breeders, veterinarians and farm managers present when a newborn is born with a heartbeat but is not breathing, the McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator/Aspirator has saved hundreds of distressed newborn lambs since its introduction. The device enables you to breathe for it until it can breathe for itself, or until a veterinary professional arrives.

Traditional methods to revive distressed lambs have included removing mucus by hand, then hanging and shaking the newborn animal over a gate or fence. Others may try to swing the animal around, hoping centrifugal force will do the job. These methods are hit or miss at best and sometimes cause further damage to the animal.

The McCulloch Medical Resuscitator/Aspirator is a life saver. It is a necessary instrument for any foaling or maternity pen.

If one lambs life is saved, the device more than pays for itself.

- Performance-tested resuscitator
- Aspirator mask
- Resuscitator mask
- Carrying case
- Instructions