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Product Code: 3511579


Complete Farm Camera Surveillance System

From: £ 551 .25

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Product Description

This inventive camera system delivers high quality video streams to a compact monitor, tablet or smartphone. Connect up to four cameras to keep an eye on yards, barns and stores from any location. Great for monitoring expensive equipment or livestock that requires close attention. Has motion detection and night vision features.

Wireless connection extends to 1250m.

Water resistant and durable.


- 1 Wireless video camera
- 1 Touch screen LCD monitor
- 1 5V outdoor power adapter for camera
- 2 large antennas & bracket
- 1 16m atenna cable for camera
- 1 5V power adapter for monitor
- 1 medium antenna & bracket for monitor
- 1 9m antenna cable for monitor
- 1 9m antenna cable for camera or monitor
- 1 Ethernet cable for internet
- Screws for mounting