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Product Code: 3170055

Barrier Red Mite Powder


From: £ 19 .21
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Product Description

Red Mite Powder is an effective repellent to be applied to poultry as a proactive ‘On bird' deterrent to infestation or to rectify an existing problem. The formulation uses only 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients known for their excellent properties to thoroughly rid poultry and other birds of all types of mite and lice. Its active ingredient is a synergised tropical plant extract mixed with a blend of herbal and essential oils, all of which are proven very effective for this purpose. Sterilizable maize is used as the carrier and unlike other carriers, it will not metabolise via cuts, abrasions, scabs, grazes or dry flaky skin areas and form granulomas. Red mite is a nocturnal creature so it's best to spray the birds before lights out. Dim the lights as low as practically possible to avoid any undue agitation amongst the birds. Don't forget that red mite can live away from the bird for up to 36 weeks. Lightly dust Red Mite Powder over the birds. Dependant upon infestation, the powder can be applied again after 5/6 weeks. If you are affected by dust allergies it is advisable to wear a mask during the application.