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Product Code: 4210066

Super Hopper Poultry Feeder


From: £ 14 .50
Inc. VAT

Product Description

A quality, hard wearing green and white plastic tube feeder with a 3kg feed capacity. The feeder is made
from heavy duty, high density, ultra-violet resistant plastic, and comes with a metal hoop for hanging, or
can be stood on the ground. The feed tube and partition grid are moulded in one piece, which can be
adjusted to regulate the flow of food. The Stockshop Super Feeder is suitable for poultry, pigeons, adult
game birds or chicks, and ideal for use with layers mash, crumb or pellets.

Lids not supplied – available separately.

Height of Pan: 4cm
Diameter of Pan: 27cm
Height of Cone: 18cm
Capacity 3kg