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Product Code: 4430194

Electric Poultry Netting 112cm x 50M 59240

From: £ 148 .68
Inc. VAT

Product Description

An easy to use Electric Netting Kit that is quick and easy to set up; it includes everything you need to to create a safe and secure pen for your poultry.

This kit is designed as much in mind to keep the foxes out as to keep your chickens in. Foxes don't tend to take a running jump at a fence. They will more often 'stalk' the fence and perhaps test it from a few points for weakness. Occasionally, a fox might try to climb a fence or even jump to the top in order to have a look over the other side... All of these behaviour patterns help make electric fencing and electrified netting in particular, very effective.

Measures 112cm x 50m and has 15 posts.