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Product Code: 44300019

Gallagher Energiser Solar Fencer S40

From: £ 346 .50
Inc. VAT

Product Description

The S40 is the ultimate energiser for fencing of up to 5 km. The energiser is quick to install and easy to transport. The energiser will work for 3 weeks without daylight and has a built-in lightning conductor. This makes the S40 an excellent alternative to a battery-operated system.


Output Voltage (V) - 7900
Voltage with 500 Ohm (V) - 2300
Length according to EU standards (km) - 15
Advice Fence without growth (km) - 5
Advice Fence with light growth (km) - 3
Considerable growth (km) (advised) - 1,5
Stored energy (J) - 0,40
Output energy (J) - 0,26
Battery LED - Yes
Recommended number of earth stakes - 1x1m
Power on/off - Yes
Full-Half Power - Yes
Night Save Option - Yes
Vegetation - No
Power consumption (W) - 0,46
Auto Power conservation to prevent damage to battery - Yes

Works for three weeks without any sunlight
Super strong, fall-resistant, waterproof housing
Quick and easy to install
Built-in lightning protection

Warranty 3 Year