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Product Code: 3511415


Test Ezi Weigh 7i Indicator

From: £ 918 .75

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Armagh, Banbridge or Omagh

Product Description

The EziWeigh 7 Indicator displays reliable, accurate weights quickly. It is ideal for weighing situations where you want to quickly and easily collect weights of your animals and don't need to record additional data. Being 100% water and dust proof, the EziWeigh 7 is up to the task for rugged, all weather conditions. Tru-Test's Superdamp III technology enables you to receive accurate live animal weights extremely quickly, even with the liveliest animals. Designed for use with load bars (sold separately) to create a livestock scale system. The EziWeigh 7 Indicator automatically calibrates to Tru-Test load bars.Entry level EID compatible weigh scale with Bluetooth technology.

Efficiently record and track individual weight gain to help you manage your operation with greater certainty and profitability.

With the capability to record information against Electronic ID (EID) or Visual tags, you can easily capture and analyse individual animal performance and history. Replacing guesswork with facts, the EziWeigh7 displays live weight gain since the previous session, showing animal performance right there in the yard.

Using its built-in Bluetooth® technology, the EziWeigh7 wirelessly connects to Tru-Test’s EID readers, automatically transferring scanned ID’s straight into the weigh scale indicator, saving time and improving accuracy. Alternatively, the animal’s VID can be entered using the large and durable keypad.

The EziWeigh7 features Tru-Test’s proven Superdamp™ III technology, enabling you to capture accurate live animal weights more quickly than any other weigh scale on the market, even for the liveliest animals.

Identify top and poor performers by monitoring and comparing weight gains.
Efficient information collection with wireless connection to EID readers.
Maximise throughput with fast weight lock and auto weight recording.
Rugged design for the tough agricultural environment.
Easily download recorded information to your Windows computer, Android or Apple smartphone.