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Product Code: 3170017

Ritchey Footcare & Cleansing Aerosol Spray


From: £ 5 .80
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Product Description

A footcare and cleansing spray from Ritchey that serves as a useful, general purpose, alcohol based cleansing spray suitable for all types of animal husbandry. Navels should be sprayed as soon as possible after birth and allowed to dry before turnout. Comes in a 500ml aerosol spray canister. Suitable for use on cattle, sheep, horses and pigs.

Directions for use:

Footcare: Carefully prepare the hoof and then spray. Keep the animal in a dry indoor environment before turning out.

Skin Cleansing: Carefully remove excessive contamination and then spray. Allow to dry before turning out. This product has been specifically formulated for animal footcare and skin cleansing. For use on unbroken skin only.

Keep out of reach of children.

Popular for feet and general cuts and grazes and is commonly used by farmers and animal handlers throughout Ireland and the UK.