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Product Code: 3511190

Shoof Cattle Shoe Blue Large

Standard Flat

From: £ 23 .10
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Product Description

Shoof is a shoe for a hoof. This product is used for the treatment of lameness in cattle. The Shoof is purposefully constructed in a very open manner. This allows the hoof to "breathe" which is essential for a fast recovery. The medication and bandage supplied with the Shoof are also essential for successful treatment. The Shoof copper sulphate medication is effective in curing and hardening the hoof-horn, even in the worst conditions. The special Shoof bandage supplied acts like a filter, keeping dirt out and the copper sulphate in. Even if the animal is walking in very bad conditions (eg: dairy farm roads and yards, and muddy paddocks).

Research has proven that the copper sulphate medication is the most effective remedy for a hoof in wet and dirty conditions. The benefit of the Shoof sachet system is that the copper sulphate can be applied without immediately aggravating the animal. The bandaging job can then be completed unhindered, and the Shoof applied. It is only when the animal begins walking that the sachet begins to apply copper sulphate to the wound in a "tea-bag" like
action. This treatment will continue for up to three weeks of walking activity. Non-standard bandage or medication may cause failure of
Shoof. Each Cattle Shoof will last years of re-use.