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Product Code: 4220346

JFC Narrow Footbath 33 gal/8ft (FB7)

From: £ 255 .15

Product Description

This JFC narrow footbath fits in a standard sheep race and the ends interlock to form the required length. Ideal for when a pre-wash is required prior to solution bathing.

-Manufactured from tough polyethylene making them extremely hard wearing and durable.
-Smooth base is effective in the treatment of claw/hoof diseases including interdigital dermatitis.
-Built in safety ribs to prevent slipping.
-Designed with a turned in lip which significantly reduces the amount of solution wasted due to spillages.
-The inbuilt ribs also ensure the animals go through the footbath slower, allowing the hoof to bathe for longer.

-Assist in the prevention and treatment of claw/hoof diseases and lameness.
-Portable and versatile it is quick and easy to set up anywhere on the farm.
-Reduce the spread of infection.
-Minimise solution waste.

Capacity: 150L / 33gal
Dimensions: 2525 x 690 x 150mm