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Product Code: 3610118

Agroserve Priodine


From: £ 21 .25
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Product Description

This Agroserve Priodine is a concentrated iodophor biocide designed for maintaining udder health in cows.

Dilution rate:

Dilute 1 part with 7 parts cold, clean water for use as a predip, 5 litres dilutes to make 40 litres of dip/spray. Any solution which is left in the dip cup after milking must be disposed of.


Using paper towels wipe the teats and apply the diluted solution on the whole teat. Allow a minimum of 15 seconds exposure and dry with paper towels before fitting the cluster.

Udder wash:

Use 1 part to 240 parts water i.e. 25ml in 6 litres of water gives 24 litres of udderwash. Please note at this dilution a user is merely washing the udder and no disinfection takes place.

Agroserve are a popular brand of equipment for the agricultural industry and have proven time and again to be a favourite of farmers all across Ireland and the UK.