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Product Code: 3630076

Fullwood SL2 CTFWT Type Milking Liner

77005 x 4 Pack

From: £ 31 .50
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Stocked in the following stores

Armagh, Omagh, Portadown or Rathfriland

Product Description

These Dairy Spares Fullwood SL2 CTF Type Milking Liners come in a pack of 4. These high quality liners milk faster, help with udder health, has the lowest slip levels and yields an excellent amount of milk.

Changing liners regularly is one of the best investments a person can make on any farm, in order to maintain excellent performance liners should be changed at a maximum interval of 3000 milkings or 1000 hours.

Product specifications:

- Teat Bore 22.5mm.

- Cluster End 8mm.

- Liner Length 310mm.

To fit Cluster Shell

- Teat End 48.3x2mm.

- Cluster End 29.3mm.

- Shell Length 150mm.

Dairy Spares are one of the top brands of dairy and milking equipment and are a frequent choice amongst farmers across Ireland, the UK and even worldwide.