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Cattle Leg Mark It Leg Marking Strap

From: £ 2 .31

Product Description

Developed over several years Mark-Its are the easiest of all leg straps to use and are the most visible on the cow. Mark-It's are manufactured from durable Du-Pont nylon.

The protruding end of the Mark-It is like a flag waving on the cow's leg. The Mark-It is can be released simply by pressing the release button!
Use these bright coloured straps for all temporary identification needs. Suggested System -

Red - Antibiotic cows changing to orange after recovery
Yellow - Colostrum cows
Pink - High SCC cows
Green - CIDR cows
Blue - Dry and induced cows

For added safety we recommend using Mark-its on both legs of antibiotic treated cows. Mark-its cannot be supplied pre-printed. Marking pens will give temporary marks, ideal for short-term notices.
Colours include: blue, green, orange, pink, red and yellow.