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Product Code: 3610046

Kilco Milkstone Remover


Product Description

This Kilco milkstone remover works as a fast-acting descaler that prevents milkstone build-up and removal of scale deposits in milking equipment and bulk milk tanks. This milkstone remover also works as a parlour wash routine acid that has low foaming and quick rinsing.

Instruction for use:

Always add product to water and not water to product. For light deposits and spot treatment 1 litre of product should be added to 100 litres of water (1%). For general milkstone removal and descaling 2 litres of product should be added to 100 litres of water (2%). Hot water gives best and quickest results although warm and cold water can be used. The solution should have 10 minutes contact time with the equipment. After having rinsed this solution, a detergent solution should be circulated through the plant.

Kilco milkstone remover and descaler is a popular choice in milking parlours throughout Ireland and the UK.