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Product Code: 3120089

Nettex Collate Lamb Kick Start

100ml - 25 Lamb Pack Size

Product Description

Lamb Kick Start is a rapid energy and nutrition boost for weak and fading newborn lambs. Administer Lamb Kick Start in the first three weeks of life will help improve survivability, welfare and profitable performance.

Lamb Kick Start contains COLLATE Technology, a patented process that causes an intermolecular bonding to occur between each of the nutrients and the energy base. This allows the source of the energy to become an effective carrier of the essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream of the animal. Within 30 minutes, 50% of the nutrients are delivered into the animal’s bloodstream providing a surge of energy and nutritional feed.

Dosage for newborn lambs is 4ml per lamb. Older lambs 1ml per kg of bodyweight.

Packaging: 100ml with 1 ml pump dispenser.