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Product Code: 3130027

Battles Lincoln Cod Liver Oil


From: £ 31 .50
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Product Description

Nutritional Supplement - Lincoln Cod Liver Oil is a complementary feeding stuff for horses, farm livestock, dogs and cats.

The oil contains natural source of soluble vitamins A & D which are essential for healthy growth. High in natural polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is refined to ensure good palatability and is most economical and cost effective supplement. Regular feeding will promote healthy growth and well being giving a gloss and shine to the coat and is an ideal conditioner before showing.

The improved coat condition resulting from feeding Cod Liver Oil helps water repellency of the coat during wet weather. Many feeds can be dry and dusty and can cause irritation to the animals nose and throat. Addition of Cod Liver Oil at the recommended dosage rates help reduce dust and potential irritation.

Contains permitted antioxidant BHT (E321). To ensure best results feed regularly and always mix well into the feed.