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Product Code: 3110009

Dysect Cattle Pour On


From: £ 110 .88
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Product Description

Pour on insecticide for topical administration to control flies and lice on cattle.

Dosage and administration:

All cattle, 10 ml per animal. Apply a single 10 ml dose, with the applicator gun, from the crown of the head down the neck and along the middle of the back of the animal.

Fly control
To control biting and nuisance flies, treatments should be repeated as necessary. Frequency of application will depend on the numbers and species of flies present; normally nuisance flies on the head and face can be controlled for up to four to five weeks and for the biting horn fly for up to eight weeks.

Lice control
To control sucking and biting lice, one application treatment will normally eradicate all the lice. If a few lice survive on individual animals, it may be necessary on very rare occasions to re-treat an animal.

For external use only. The product can be safely used during pregnancy and lactation.

Withdrawal period:

Meat: 28 days
Milk: zero hours