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Product Code: 30080010

Agrimin 24/7 Smartrace Plus Growing Cattle Bolus with Copper

10 x 150g (10 Doses)

From: £ 45 .41

Product Description

A sustained release bolus containing copper and iodine, selenium and cobalt. Intended to provide optimum trace element support for growing cattle on grass or forage based diets 200-400kg liveweight.

Agrimin 24/7 Smartrace Plus Growing Cattle is designed for situations where iodine, selenium and cobalt supplementation is essential for cattle 200-400kg for efficient growth, optimum health and fertility and where additional copper is required.

Agrimin 24/7 Smartrace Plus Growing Cattle supplies the animal's daily requirement of each essential trace element for 180 days.


- Eroding technology means consistent supply of trace elements
- Only need to administer one bolus per animal
- Delivers full daily requirement of copper, selenium and cobalt for 180 days


One 150g bolus should be given to each animal.

Always use only approved Agrimin cattle bolus applicator A

Agrimin 24/7 Smartrace Plus for Growing Cattle complies with the OF&G standards and is approved for use in Organic Systems.


There is no withdrawal time on Agrimin 24/7 Smartrace Plus Growing Cattle