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Product Code: 3110139

Megacal M


From: £ 4 .62

Product Description

This Megacal M Solution for Injection comes in a 100ml bottle and is ideal for the treatment of hypocalcaemia in cattle. Also as an aid in raising plasma magnesium levels where a deficiency may be expected.

This Megacal M solution is a clear, colourless to pale yellow, sterile solution for injection containing calcium borogluconate and magnesium hypophosphate equivalent to calcium 4.6g/100ml, magnesium 0.8g/100ml and containing boric acid 10g/100ml.

Directions for use:

The solution should be warmed to body temperature before use. When administered subcutaneously massage the injection site. Rinse containers thoroughly with water. Dispose of rinsings in slurry or dirty water. Dispose of rinsed containers in the farm refuse. Used containers should not be recycled.

Megacal M is a popular choice amongst farmers and animal care professionals throughout Ireland and the UK so you know you are only receiving the best quality product from us.