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Product Code: 3110196

Bovikalc Calcium Bolus

4 Pack

From: £ 22 .05
This product is currently discontinued

Product Description

Calcium supplement for dairy cows at calving. These boluses can also be used as a supplement following treatment of milk fever by injection as a means of ensuring the cow receives an extended supply of calcium.

Older cows susceptible to hypocalcaemia (mlik fever) - 4 boluses:

- First bolus at the first signs of parturition.

- Second bolus immediately after calving.

- Third bolus 12-15 hours after calving.

- Fourth bolus 24-30 hours after calving.

Supplementation folowing calcium injection - 2 boluses:

- First bolus 2-3 hours after calcium injection.

- Second bolus 12-15 hours later.

- Only administer using the approved applicator.

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