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Product Code: 3110206

Norbrook Opti-Mag 3 Magnesium Bolus

Box of 10

From: £ 93 .36
Inc. VAT

Available for delivery to UK addresses only.

Product Description

Opti-MAG 3 Magnesium Boli are moulded metal cylinders containing 100g of magnesium, weighted with iron shot. These boli come in a container of 10 boli.


Opti-MAG 3 Boli are indicated for use in adult cattle as an aid in the maintenance of magnesium intake during the high risk periods aasociated with the grazing of rapidly growing grass, by the provision of a slow release deposit of magnesium.


Two Opti-MAG 3 Boli should be given to each animal two / three days before the expected period of risk, e.g. before tansfer from indoors to grass in the spring. If necessary repeat no later than four weeks.

- 1 bolus delivers 3g per day.

- 2 boli delivery 6g per day.

Norbrook are a top manufacturer of agriculture products in Northern Ireland and are popular with farmers and other agricultural experts across the country, so you know you are only receiving the best.