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Product Code: 426200007

Maxol Target All Purpose Penetrating Oil Spray


From: £ 4 .20

Product Description

400ml canister of Maxol Target All Purpose Penetrating Oil spray.

Maxol's Target All Purpose Penetrating Oil is designed to efficiently and rapidly free and loosen seized nuts, bolts, hinges etc. It is extremely useful in any workshop, garage, and maintenance department and is an invaluable aid to the D.I.Y. motorist. Maxol's Target product is a high performance multi-function fluid which has excellent de-watering properties to aid engine starting when damp moisture has affected the electric systems. This product also incorporates anti-corrosive and general lubrication needs, either household or automotive.

Directions for use:

If using for moisture repellant, spray from a distance of 20-30cm onto the surface and leave for a moment before continuing to work. If using as a protective coating, spray unto surface and allow to dry to give a protective film.

Maxol are a market leading brand of oils and lubricants throughout Ireland and the UK so you can be certain you are only receiving the highest quality products from us.