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Product Code: 426200019

Maxol Ultra Hydramax 46 Premium Hydraulic Oil


From: £ 12 .60

Product Description

5 litre container of Hydramax 46 hydraulic oil available from Maxol lubricants.

Maxol Hydramax 46 is specially developed for use in many types of hydraulic systems and equipment. This oil is formulated from selected base stocks treated with anti-rust, anti-foam, anti-wear and antioxidant additives. Maxol Hydramax 46 suits many applications including transport, marine, construction, mining, chemical and metallurgical machinery.

- Strong anti-wear properties giving longer life to your machinery.

- Great oxidation resistance and stability even when subjected to unusually high thermal stresses.

- Powerful anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

- Tough anti-foam properties preventing irregularities in performance caused by the compressibility of air bubbles.

Maxol are a market leading brand of oils and lubricants throughout Ireland and the UK so you can be certain you are only receiving the highest quality products.