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Product Code: 4160365

Holts Bradex Easy Start

204g / 300ml

From: £ 4 .72

Product Description

Holts Bradex Easy Start comes in a 300ml canister and is ideal as a starting aid for all types of engines. Bradex starts all engines in seconds, even under severe winter conditions. Bradex contains upper cylinder lubricant to help reduce engine wear in cold start conditions.

Directions for use:

Diesel engines:

- Spray into air intake for 1 -2 seconds while engine is being turned over.

- Suitable for all disel engines (including injector, common rail, turbocharged and intercooled engines).

Petrol engines:

- Ensure engine is switched off.

- Spray into the air intake for 1 - 2 seconds and then turn the engine over.

- Suitable for all petrol engines (including direct and indirect injection systems, turbocharged and intercooled engines.

Holts Bradex Easy Start is a popular start of engine starting lubricant throughout Ireland and the UK so you know you are only reciving the best quality product from us.