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Product Code: 04200005

Golden Frisky Lamb Milk 5Kg

From: £ 14 .60

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Product Description

5kg bag of Golden Frisky milk powder perfect for young lambs. Specially formulated lamb concentrate and clean straw should be offered ad libitum from the third week onwards. Clean water should always be available to your lambs.

Ad libitum feeding:

Mix Golden Frisky at the rate of 250g of powder to 1 litre of water at room temperature. Feed ad libitum via teat and container.


Weaning is most successfully done when Golden Frisky is withdrawn abruptly, provided that lambs are old enough and intake of solid food is adequate. As a guide, lambs should be at least 2.5 times birth weight (9 - 10kg), consuming 250g per day solid feed and at least 35 days old for weaning to be successful without a growth check.

Golden Frisky lamb milk is a frequent choice amongst farmers and other animal carers throughout Ireland and the UK so you know that you are only recieving the highest quality product from us.

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