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Product Code: 4610453

Doff Rose Feed


From: £ 3 .10

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Product Description

Doff Rose Feed concentrate is a top quality feed with magnesium to encourage healthy growth and promote large blooms.

It is also ideal for the feeding of flowering plants.

Apply at two week intervals from March to September. Some plants have specific feeding instructions, which should be followed. Newly purchased potted plants will usually have sufficient fertiliser in the soil so as to not require feeding for the first few weeks.

Fertiliser Declaration:

Nitrogn (N) total - 4%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N) - 1.5%
Ureic Nitrogen (N)- 2.5%
Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water - 5% (2.2% P)
potassium oxide soluble in water - 9% (7.5% K)

1 Litre container- makes up to 300 litres of feed.

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