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Product Code: 3130108

Equest Pramox Oral Gel Horse Wormer

From: £ 23 .30

Available for delivery to UK and Ireland addresses only.

Product Description

Parasite control in horses and ponies. A single dose treatment containing moxidectin and praziquantel for the control of roundworms; large and small red worms, including encysted and inhibited and developing larval stages, ascarids, bots and tapeworms.

For oral administration. Syringe contains sufficient gel to treat one 700kg horse at the recommended dose rate (0.4mg moxidectin/kg bodyweight and 2.5mg praziquantel/kg bodyweight). Each graduation of the calibrated syringe delivers sufficient gel to treat 25kg bodyweight. To avoid overdosing, care should be taken to accurately dose foals, especially low bodyweight foals or ponies.

Recommended dosing interval for the control of small redworm is 13 weeks.

Do NOT use during pregnancy and lactation in mares or foals under 6½ months of age.

Horses must not be slaughtered for human consumption within 64 days of treatment.

In order to limit the impact of moxidectin on dung fauna, and due to insufficient data regarding environmental risk of praziquantel, horses should not be turned out onto pasture within 3 days of treatment.