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Product Code: 3620039

Agroserve Milk Filter Socks F Sock Magnum 18.5" x 4"

Pack of 150

From: £ 34 .34

Product Description

Agroserve disposable milk filter socks are perfect for any cow milking parlour. These milk filter socks come in a pack of 150 socks sized at 18.5 x 4 (F Sock Magnum).

Positioning the milk filter sock:

In order to achieve optimal performance the position of the milk filter is critical. Milk should always be filtered before it reaches the cooling system. Warm milk, within the temperature range of 36 - 38 degrees celsius (98 - 100 degrees fahrenheit) for instance, problems can arise. Milk fat in cold milk can block up disposable milk filters as it can not pass easily through the filter. This can reduce the milk flow through the filtering unit.

Agroserve milk filtering socks are a popular choice among farmers and milkers throughout Ireland and the UK.