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Product Code: 3110224

Estrotect Heat Detector Green 50 Pack

From: £ 63 .00

Stocked in the following stores

Augher, Ballycastle, Ballymena Livestock Mart, Claudy, Limavady or Omagh

Product Description

ESTROTECT is an economical, simple to use and highly effective heat detection aid. It features simple “scratch-off” technology for superior results in your visual detection program. ESTROTECT is a management tool for artificial insemination programs or monitor recipients for embryo transfer.

Available in four colours.


Keep Heat Detectors Warm. The detector should be warmed to 100 degrees F or 38 degrees C immediately prior to application. This activates the adhesive and provides instant adhesion at lower temperatures. This can be done numerous ways including putting next to your skin until they are soft and flexible. For large quantities, put the detectors in a small cooler with a hot water bottle or other heat source.

Site of Application.

Ideal location for placement on the cow is between the hip and tail head with ESTROTECT™ evenly spaced perpendicular to the spine. Brush Hair Thoroughly. Create optimal conditions for adhesion by vigorously brushing the area of application with an ESTROTECT™ Brush. Brush with the grain of the hair to remove dirt, dust and shedding molting hair.

Note: Protect detectors from tail flicking by placing them near the top of the tail when fly counts are high. Place heat detector on the application site, press down firmly and rub into hair with bare fingers. Do not apply in rainy weather. Ideal location for placement on the cow is between the hip and tail head.