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Product Code: 3110126

KAMAR Heat Detectors

Pack of 25

From: £ 24 .95
This product is currently out of stock

Product Description

Accurate and reliable Heatmount Detector patches:

- Cut the cost of missed heats
- Stay firmly glued to the cow
- Identify night heats
- Highly visable
- Reliable even in extreme weather
- Increase herd profitability

KAMAR Heatmount Detectors work 24 hours a day and due to a uniquely pressure-sensitive design are activated only by standing heat behaviour, not false mounting. The capsule of ink colour is very bright and clearly visable from a distance.

Can also be used afer insemination to detect a return to heat or to determine when a cow returns to cycling after calving. Designed to work with the Bray Cattle Calander.