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Product Code: 4220051

Stockshop Disinfectant Foot Mat 85cm x 60cm

From: £ 58 .01

Stocked in the following stores

Altnamachin, Eleven Lane Ends or Portadown

Product Description

An unique mat for disinfecting your boots and shoes before entering a premises / building / yard. The Mat consists of a very tough textile material with a special internal absorbent material. The sides and bottom are sealed to prevent leakage.

The mat will hold 12 litres (2.65 imperial gallons) of disinfectant. Very little solid matter will penetrate the mat's surface, so there is little chance of neutralization of the disinfectant.

Approximate Dimensions: 33" (84 cm) x 23" (59 cm) x 1¼" (3.2 cm) deep.