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Product Code: 3510063

Henke Sass Wolf HSW Drench Matic Auto Drenching Gun


From: £ 59 .85

Product Description

A robust, sturdy, versatile and proven drenching gun. Can be used to drench cattle and sheep and with appropriate attachments can be used as a pour-on gun or injector. Complete with dosing nozzle and tubing.

Self­filling application system for the administration of solutions and suspensions for sheep, cattle, and goats.

- automatic self­filling syringe
- for the administration of solutions and suspensions for livestock
- for oral and pour­on use in sheep, cattle, and goats
- can be also used as an injection syringe with special accessories
- pressure cast aluminium handle, high strength at low weight
- high strength plastic barrel
- easy to use and easy to clean
- dosage continuously adjustable
- tolerance < 1% of dose
- drenching pressure smoothly adjustable
- innovative and ergonomic design
- automatic lubrication due to twin o-ring

Pack Includes:
1x syringe, 1x ascending tube, 1x drench nozzle (11 cm), Luer Lock attachment