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Product Code: 3110297

Animax Tracesure -I Bolus for Cattle

10 Pack

From: £ 53 .55

Stocked in the following stores

Ballymena Livestock Mart, Limavady or Rathfriland

Product Description

Tracesure I is a ruminal bolus for cattle, providing slow release supplementation of iodine, selenium and cobalt. Where dietary intake of iodine, selenium or cobalt is low, or where utilization of iodine is depressed by forage goitrogens, the health and productivity of the animal may be improved by supplementation of these elements.

Each bolus provides:

3400mg Iodine
500mg Selenium
500mg Cobalt

Tracesure I boluses release supplementary iodine, selenium and cobalt for up 6 months. These trace elements are released from the bolus by leaching, providing dietary supplementation. Spent boluses become large and fragile. They are eventually shed, intact or fragmented, by being regurgitated or excreted.

Dosage and Administration:

Tracesure-I boluses are administered orally. Place the bolus at the back of the mouth, beyond the hump of the tongue, using a suitable Animax Tracesure Cattle dosing gun. To avoid injury, the dosing gun should be used carefully and without force. Normal swallowing movements should allow the dose to be passed easily into the back of the mouth, the bolus may then be ejected and passage of the gun beyond this point is not necessary. Always check that the animal swallows the bolus.


Bodyweight of 200kg – 550kg = 1 bolus
Bodyweight over 550kg = 2 boluses

Not to be given to pre-ruminant animals.