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Product Code: 3110160

Magniject 25% w/v Solution for Injection No. 9


Limited to 2 units every 6 weeks
From: £ 9 .83
Inc. VAT

Product Description

Magniject Injection is a clear solution for injection containing: Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate 25% w/v
equivalent to Magnesium Sulphate anhydrous 12.21% w/v. Magniject is indicated in the treatment of hypomagnesaemia in cattle and sheep.

Do not administer intravenously. Observe aseptic precautions. For single use only. Warm to body temperature before administration. Massage injection site. For subcutaneous injection only, observing aseptic precautions. Divide the total dose volume to be administered between 2 or more sites.or the treatment of magnesium defiency in cows and sheep.

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