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Product Code: 3110085

Agrimin All Trace Cattle High Iodine Bolus

20 x 107g - 10 Doses

From: £ 75 .60
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Product Description

A sustained release bolus containing 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins. Designed for grazing or forage fed livestock where an imbalance of iodine affects animal productivity. High Iodine All-Trace helps farmers manage the trace element status of their herd over critical periods of the production cycle.

Low levels of iodine in pasture will generally result in low levels in cattle grazing or being fed forage from that pasture. The use of lime and manure spreading can greatly reduce the level of available iodine found in pasture. The bolus lies in the reticulum at the forward base of the rumen and slowly dissolves from a constant surface area, thus providing a continuous supply of trace elements and vitamins to the animal for approximately 8 months. The boluses dissolve completely, leaving no residue in the rumen.

Low iodine in the blood can result in poor growth rates and milk yield can also be less than expected.

Administer two boluses per animal. Two boluses should be given to each animal over 150kg.

The active life of High Iodine All-Trace is 180 days.

Always use the recommended Agrimin bolus applicator. A twin bolus applicator is available which saves time and makes administration much easier.

High Iodine All-Trace are packed in units of 20 (enough for 10 cattle)

Agrimin are one of the market leading suppliers of animal health products and equipment and have proven to be a frequent choice amongst farmers and other livestock professionals across Ireland and the UK.